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Organisation of information

The website of Lorient Bretagne Sud Tourisme is organised as follows:

  • A banner at the top of the page shows services to help your browsing (Language, access to members' area, access to press area, etc.)

  • Then, a menu enables you to access the main sections of the site

  • A footer provides access to all services present on the site (legal notices)

Links used by convention (do not use the number pad!):

  • Accessibility rules: keyboard “0”

  • Homepage: keyboard “1”

  • Go to: keyboard “c”

  • Direct access to internal search engine: keyboard “2”

  • Site map: keyboard “3”

  • Contact page: keyboard “4”

How to use these links depending on your browser:

  • Internet Explorer Windows: Alt + Shift + [keyboard key ] (no on the number pad), then Enter

  • Firefox 2 and over: Alt + Shift + [keyboard key]

  • Firefox 2 and over (Mac): Ctrl + [keyboard key]

  • Mozilla, Netscape, FireFox (1.5 or less), Google Chrome: Alt + [keyboard key]

  • Opera: Esc + Shift + [keyboard key]

Compliance to standards

The Lorient Bretagne Sud Tourisme website has been designed and created in accordance with standards in force concerning HTML, style sheets and javascript. We are constantly working to maintain this website to a high standard of quality. However, given the profoundly dynamic nature of this website, some elements may accidently become damaged or unavailable.

If you discover a fault of this type, please don't hesitate to notify us. We will do our best to put it right where possible.

Usage and accessibility

Lorient Bretagne Sud Tourisme wants to make its website as user-friendly as possible. This means that we allow the widest possible access to the information contained on this website. This desire has led us to apply numerous accessibility recommendations including:

  • Images presenting relevant alternative text

  • Colour contrasts that are sufficient for easy reading

  • You can browse through the pages using keyboard shortcuts

  • Pages are correctly structured and uniform

  • Changes in language are notified

Once again, the news from Lorient Bretagne Sud Tourisme makes the site highly dynamic: if you discover any errors, please notify us. We will do our best to put them right as quickly as possible.

If you need but are unable to access these services, contact us and we will answer your request.