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Centre-ville de Cléguer

From the old Celtic word klog or kleguer in the plural: rocks protruding from the earth.

Cléguer is a growing rural commune of 3 061 ha and 3 381 inhabitants, located in the catchment basin of the magnificent river Scorff which flows along the western border of the commune. With its nature areas and heritage, Cléguer can be explored via its walks and events (dynamic associations).

Must see :

  • Notre Dame de Bonne Nouvelle chapel: Eudon, lord of Hennebont, founded this chapel in honour of Notre Dame de Bonne Nouvelle.?
  • The recumbent statue, 2.2 metres and listed as a historical monument, is the oldest in the Morbihan.?
  • The Roman bridge: lower and upper Pont-Scorff were built from this point. For a long time the bridge separated two opposing worlds: fishermen from the lower town made a living from the river Scorff, which was a place of leisure for farmers from the upper part of town. Later, up-towners spoke French whereas those in the lower town remained attached to the Breton language.?
  • Malt factory: around 1870, there was a taste for beer. Producers set up along the banks of the Scorff (at the malt factory in Bas Pont-Scorff and the St-Yves brewery) for the quality of its water.?
  • Moulin Saint-Yves, 1831: this is one of many watermills along the banks of the river Scorff, producing flour for the local villages. Buckwheat flour made on the Scorff was well-renowned in the last century, and was delivered by boat to Lorient during high tides.


Experience :

  • Cléguer and greater Lorient area fairy-tale festival.
  • Pardon of Notre-Dame-de-Bonne-Nouvelle in August in Bas Pont-Scorff.
  • Cyclathlon: in October, organised by the Foulées de Cléguer.
  • All festivities and events in Cléguer

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