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L'Ile de Groix

The island of Groix is unique evidence of the geological wealth of Brittany and is one of Europe's protected natural areas: "Natura 2000". The rocky coast bathed by clear water is punctuated by beautiful beaches and wild creeks where the fine sand goes from the brilliant white of its mica to the dark reds of garnet.

Ready to climb on-board? Embark for a 50-minute cruise to the island of Groix, and its 2300 inhabitants at latitude 45°637 north and longitude 3°462 west. It is an idea size for walking and cycling: 8 km by 4 km. To the south: its beaches - To the north: a wild coastline.

Now you have set foot on Groix you can discover the multiple facets of this "little piece of land".

  • Its megaliths, fountains and washhouses and the stories that go with them
  • Its villages nestling in moorland
  • Its town with a variety of shops and restaurants
  • Its church topped with a curious belfry
  • Its nature reserve and ecomuseum
  • Its lighthouses...
  • Its activities: walking, fishing, sailing school, diving school, horse-rising, Parcabout 

To find your way around, look at the stones, they will speak to you. Don't look for traffic lights, there aren't any.

You will love: the fresh air, walking, cycling, running, swimming, fishing, relaxing, but also learning and listening to its rich and varied heritage, its human size, and quality of island life... May you find all that you are looking for and more...


For the visitor freshly arrived on the shores of Groix, this island is a source of magic that will stay with you for a long time. A mineralogical treasure birthed by an extremely rare geological phenomenon, this 1500-hectare rock incrusted with villages offers a wide diversity of landscapes.

Port Tudy

Port Tudy is not just a charming Breton port. It is a vital link with the mainland, rhythmed by the arrival of the post. The walk up to the town offers a view of the houses of the shipbuilders and the family cinema with a facade decorated by Italian craftsmen. In the morning, the market sells a selection of island produce from the land and the sea. There are plenty of shops to be discovered wandering through the cleanly fronted streets. They are arranged around the church whose belfry is topped with the famous tuna, symbol of an era when tuning fishing left profound marks. The town's ecomuseum is full of information about this maritime era.

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by bike

A bicycle is the perfect way to visit the island with 40 km of special tracks. There is also a taxi offering tours of the island. Thus you can discover the island at your own pace, the heather-filled moors of the Piwisy coast (west of the island), and the white or red sandy beaches of Primeture (east of the island). Megaliths, fountains and washhouses are all there to be discovered by the walker. A fragile land, Groix is subject to a management plan that seeks to find a balance between economic, tourist and farming activities and the preservation of its huge and remarkable natural reserves. Visit the nature reserves of Pen Men and the Pointe des Chats for an infinite source of wonder.

Its 2323 inhabitants make Groix a lively and convivial place, not a sanctuary turned to the past. The island is a treasure which its 2353 inhabitants share generously.

You have to get a little lost to ask an inhabitant the way, for another more human adventure to begin. Islands are always popular, and Groix is well worth a detour. To those who respect it, it offers an authentic and lasting impression.

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