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Calan, in Breton Kalann

Calan is one of the smallest communes in the region with only 965 inhabitants. The village is proud of owning one of the oldest churches in Brittany, a wonderful mixture of Roman art from the 11th and 12th centuries and the start of the gothic period. The centre of the village has been arranged to highlight this architectural heritage. "The enclosure with its cemetary has been preserved, which is quite rare. It couldn't be any other way in Calan. We tried to keep it all together. Moving the cemetery to the outskirts would deprive the place of its special spiritual nature". Job Jaffré, Seigneurs et Seigneuries du Kemenet-Heboé: pays de Lorient, Éd. Dalc’homp Sonj, 1986. The surrounding countryside has over 20 km of hiking paths.

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