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centre-ville de Hennebont

From the Breton "hent" (old or path) and "bont" (bridge)

Located between the sea and the countryside, on an old bridge over the Blavet, lies the medieval canal port of Hennebont , the historic capital of the canton fortified in the 13th century. It is a traditional ancient town of 16 000 inhabitants. Lying on the tidal river Blavet, some 10 kilometres upstream of its estuary, Hennebont is a charming, historic town in Brittany, designated Ville Fleurie, and on both banks of the river, punctuated by locks. On foot, by bike, horseback or on the water, there are plenty of circuits to discover the heritage from major monuments with the city walls and the basilica, to the urban centre and buildings and natural areas. The National Stud and its museum are well worth a visit. Don't forget the local market on Thursday mornings.

Must see:

  • The Hennebont national stud is the only one in France with such a large museum. All of the crafts linked to horses (blacksmith, saddler, farrier, etc.) are represented there.
  • The Tours Broërec'h has 10 rooms housing a museum of art and traditions retracing the history of Hennebont, the activity of the port and showing Breton furniture and costumes, pottery, models and engravings.
  • Behind the city walls, the town possesses a few remarkable houses: the corner Seneschal house from the 16th century, a manor house from the end of the 16th century, and the Perrien house from the 17th century. There are other buildings from the 18th century, including the old Mallat house. 
  • The Kerbihan botanical gardens (10 hectares) have plant species from the 5 continents.
  • The basilica of Notre-Dame du Paradis, built from 1513 on the initiative of the Hennebont blacksmith François Michart, is in the flamboyant gothic style. The Max Ingrand (1955-1965) stained glass windows show some of the major events in the history of Hennebont.

Experience :

  • The Hennebont medieval festival (every 2 years, next in July 2016), bring the town back to its medieval past.
  • Major national horse show every year in July at the Hennebont national stud.
  • Puppet festival organised by Bouffou Theatre in April
  • All festivities and events in Hennebont

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