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Inguiniel, in Breton An ignel

Inguiniel has 2069 inhabitants and is located in the north of the Scorff valley near the forest of Calleck. Traditionally, it belongs to the Pourleth area, known for its men's suits with "a thousand" buttons.

Scientists have been patiently studying the vestiges of a Gaulish village on the site of Kerven Teignouse since 1992. To date, the dig has revealed the presence of a Celtic dwelling over at least six centuries, characterised by a trenched enclosure, underground rooms and potteries. Guided tours are possible during the summer and give an account of the dig to date. Four pretty chapels, Locmaria, Saint Claude, Saint Maurice and Lochrist have uniquely preserved enclosure, cross and ossuary and welcome visitors with a love of old stones.

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