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Languidic - Promenade

From the Breton lann (country) and kintic, a Breton name supposedly the first owner of the parish.

Languidic is an ideal destination for anyone looking to combine the pleasures of the countryside with proximity to the sea. With its 11 000 hectares, this is largest commune in the Morbihan department. With 18 km of the river Blavet bordering it to the north, Languidic is a mecca for river angling and offers possibilities all year round for walking, cycling, barge and carriage tours, canoe and horseback, along its tow path and trails. It is a land of isolated megaliths and menhirs, headstones and chapels, and is dotted about by pretty villages.

Must see:

  • The Kersolan alignments: (3000 B.C.). These three lines of menhirs extend over six to seven hundred meters and are probably the remains of a much larger complex of standing stones.
  • Notre-Dame-des-Fleurs chapel (building started in 1451, probably restored in 1741): a gothic chapel built on the initiative of Guillaume de Kerouallan.
  • On the 17th-century cross at Notre-Dame-des-Fleurs is on one side Christ and two thieves and on the other, a virgin and child. Pont-Augan lock: leisure park and Minazen lock.


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