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The island of Groix

The island of Groix is unique evidence of the geological wealth of Brittany and is one of Europe's protected natural areas: "Natura 2000". The rocky coast bathed by clear water is punctuated by beautiful beaches and wild creeks where the fine sand goes from the brilliant white of its mica to the dark reds of garnet.

For the visitor freshly arrived on the shores of Groix, this island is a source of magic that will stay with you for a long time. A mineralogical treasure birthed by an extremely rare geological phenomenon, this 1500-hectare rock incrusted with villages offers a wide diversity of landscapes.

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Some Major sites


Port Tudy is not just a charming Breton port. It is a vital link with the mainland, rhythmed by the arrival of the post. The walk up to the town offers a view of the houses of the shipbuilders and the family cinema with a facade decorated by Italian craftsmen. In the morning, the market sells a selection of island produce from the land and the sea. There are plenty of shops to be discovered wandering through the cleanly fronted streets. They are arranged around the church whose belfry is topped with the famous tuna, symbol of an era when tuning fishing left profound marks.


A charming little port on Groix, where maritime life was busy during the time of the tuna and sardine canning factory. This is where the first French school of fishing was created.


Quelhuit is a typical village with quite, winding streets and a very charming chapel: St-Léonard. Located in the heart of the village, it was rebuilt in 1840 and is overlooking the sea with a wonderful view of the mainland.


The tip of the island... the wild coast in all its splendour: beautiful expanses of wild grass and coastal moorland, steep cliffs. This site is the island of Groix's nature reserve and a paradise for numerous sea birds.


A deep valley, magnificent in all seasons, pink in the spring, red in the autumn, it overlooks the dual entrance ria. This port offers a natural shelter from the immensity of the ocean.


A deep, steep fault, spectacular in stormy weather. The legend says: ...
The Groix storytellers will tell you the rest.


This was the most populated village on the island until Port-Tudy took off in the 1880's. It has small streets, washhouses, fountains and the chapel of Notre-Dame de Plasmanec in the heart of the village.


At low tide, a wonderful rocky flat with silver speckles: mica, garnet and glaucophane combine in a subtle harmony of minerals.


Garnet island: some name the island of Groix this as the mineral is often found on this beach after a big storm, offering a wonderful sight.


One of the rare convex beaches in Europe, but the only one that moves (160 m in 2 years). Fine, white sand, transparent, turquoise water: pure joy!

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Are you staying on the island in July or August? Spend a day on the mainland!

For €16 (€13 for 5-17 year olds, free for 0-4 year-olds), cross over and visit the Eric Tabarly sailing museum at the Lorient submarine base. You can then take the batobus to visit the citadel in Port-Louis. The boat will pick you up in Port-Louis at 5.35 pm to bring you back to Groix. More information...



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