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Larmor-Plage - Port du Kernevel

From "ar mor", the sea in Breton.

Here, the town flirts easily with the sea. A real paradise for sailors, Larmor-Plage is an award-winning seaside resort just outside Lorient and has an ideal geographic position: covering 725 hectares including fine sandy beaches all south-facing, it has a natural and architectural heritage that will appeal to all generations.

The town and its inhabitants (around 8000) organise cultural events and a market every Sunday morning which for years has attracted walkers and gourmet shoppers. Recently, a casino has opened in the resort.

Must see:

  • The Kerguélen oceanic park is an area of dunes surrounding two former coastal marshes, edged by a south-facing, 1.5 km long beach. The park covers 82 hectares of maritime fauna and flora, preserved by the coastal conservatory.
  • Notre-Dame-de-Larmor church (15th century): Inside the church are two remarkable 17th century altarpieces, one called the "Jewish altar" and the other representing a painting of Notre Dame de Larmor saving ships.
  • The Notre-Dame fountain near the chapel is topped with a heart and a star and houses a statue of the virgin.
  • The villa Kerlilon (Kernével) was built in 1899 by the Ouzille family. The architectural style of this villa varies from the ground floor to the Mansart roof. It refers to the French renaissance and c17th century classicism.
  • The villa Margaret (Kernével) (1899) is now a café and houses the marina's harbour office.
  • Pointe des Blagueurs: a plaque recalls Larmor's sardine industry. In the 19th and start of the 20th century, the Pointe des Blagueurs was a meeting place for fishermen, fish merchants and the inhabitants of Larmor.



  • The meeting of collectors on the 1st Sunday in March.
  • The Spring Rolls celebrate the first bath of the year.
  • The Kas-a-barh organised on 11th November by the Larmor-Plage Celtic club is a traditional Breton singing and dancing competition. 


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